Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Welcome! Our standard and engineered products are just two of the many tools in our tool bag. Since 1977, we have worked with companies to "fill the gap" between what their plants were producing and what they could be producing. Increased production is very profitable because General and Administrative costs are carried by existing production. Only raw material, energy and labor costs get charged to additional production.

No up-front payments or contracts are required.

Our outcome oriented concept works with existing products and processses.

Increasing production with existing intrastructure takes three steps:

a. Control the information. Existing BOMs and maintenance history is reviewed. Input from engineering, production and maintenance people is gathered and collated. Meetings with supervision and management personnel are conducted to identify goals, priorities and budgets. Plant personnel know what equipment is not reliable. Identifying and correcting these "bad actors" and other "low hanging fruit" pays ahead for our service.

b. Control the equipment. Detailed equipment surveys can be performed if necessary. Dimensions around process equipment are measured to determine if there is room for additional monitoring devices and/or auxiliary equipment. Internal pump dimensions are measured to determine if additional environmental controls can be added if necessary and to reduce duplicate inventory.

c. Control the Process. Management, maintenance and production personnel must understand, accept and support the objective. This is accomplished by regular and open conversations followed by training where needed. The key component to engaging plant personnel is sharing information about how a more competitive plant secures rather than threatens jobs. Plants end up cleaner for the benefit of people who work there as well as customers and inspectors who come to the plant. Preventative maintenance work is more interesting and reduces repetitive and dirty jobs with more challenging work where the results of their input can be seen.

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